GKB Appeal


GKB Unicycle Academy is a group that is aimed at training young kids from the ghettos of Lagos, Nigeria to learn how to ride unicycles. Kuyoro Olalekan runs the club and saw the need to help young kids on the streets of Lagos to be productive and not engage in anti-social behaviour.

The club is a full blown unicycle and circus academy with over 25 young unicyclists and jugglers ranging from age 7-18 years of age. The kids have an impressive repertoir of skills, which include various disciplines of unicycling as well as juggling, rola bola and many other circus and balance skills.  The GKB use unicycle and circus to entertain people at corporate events, comedy shows, musical shows, weddings, video shoots, carnivals, halloween parties and birthday parties, providing the young people a source of income.

GKB Unicycle Academy are very active on social media and have had several viral posts in the last couple of years. Check out their skills on Instagram.


While the GKB academy has a range of unicycles and juggling equipment for the young people to use, most of it is basic and very low quality. Many of the students skills far exceed the scope of the equipment on offer at the academy. Lots of the young people have started learning urban unicycling tricks on what are essentially beginner unicycles. With suitable equipment, we're sure that the GKB Academy students will progress on to become world class riders. World class riders deserve world class equipment; we saw an opportunity to help.

Based in the UK, we have access to a wealth of quality unicycles and parts that can survive the rigours of urban unicycling. We've teamed up with Tom (A unicyclist!) at Pulse Cargo to send the academy quality unicycle parts and juggling equipment.

This is where you can help. Most unicyclists have some unused parts in a box somewhere. We're appealing to all unicyclists to donate your unused or unwanted parts for the GKB Unicycle Academy. The club is in particular need of strong seats, pedals, bounce juggling balls and juggling rings. All you have to do is send the parts to us and we'll do the rest. If you can't donate unicycle parts but still want to help, we've set up a GoFundMe to help with the cost of shipping a pallet to Nigeria.

Pack the items you wish to donate and send them to us by 18th December 2020.

GKB Appeal - STFU London
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Donate money towards the freight costs via our GoFundMe


None of this would be possible without the help of Tom at Pulse Cargo.  Tom got in touch with us and offered his help and expertise in freight to make this project happen. STFU would like to extend our thanks to him and Pulse Cargo. If you need anything moved from one place to another, you know what to do.