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Introducing the STFU London beanie hat. The temperature has plunged here in the UK but don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

These premium quality beanies have an ultra warm thermal lining, perfect for those cold winter sessions. Each hat is hand finished with a high quality embroidered STFU London label.

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Weight 150 g

Grey/Black, Navy/Lilac, Navy/Teal

2 reviews for STFU London Beanie Hat

  1. Emma Kvist

    My experience using an STFU London Beanie Hat – a review from an experienced hat wearer and unicyclist.

    At first sight you might think this is just a regular hat with a British unicycle clothing brand tag on it. Simultaneously with having all the properties a regular hat with respect for oneself should have, it opens an entire new, original, and yet unexplored dimension for those brave enough to bear clothing at the crown of the human figure. The soft and gentle interwoven thread composes a balance of perfection along with the lining, that is soft enough to make a kitten’s belly seem like a homeless man’s bristle chest hair after standing a little too close to a burning oil barrel. Judge’s comments: 3 points awarded for ultimate comfort. 3 points awarded for vegan material. 3 points awarded for aesthetics. 1 bonus point awarded for sizing; sneaking honeydew melons into the movies will never be a problem again. 10/10 would buy again.

  2. Jenni Rinker

    This hat is too good for mere mortals. It features the inner comfort of a newborn arctic seal, the cuteness of a fuzzy sea urchin, and the delightful color scheme of a peacock on acid. It hugs your head and whispers softly to it… “Everything is gonna be okay.” With this hat, all things are possible.

    (But in all honesty, it’s a really great hat that looks good and has fuzzy comfort on the inside. 10/10 would buy again.)

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